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Whole Home Nanofiltration System

Excalibur Whole Home Nanofiltration System

The Whole Home Nanofiltration System removes chemicals, minerals, heavy metals, and harmful blue-green algae blooms (HABs) making all the water in your home high purity at every tap in your house! 

This system will remove high levels of chemicals, sodium, lead, iron, sulfur, and many other contaminants – up to 95%, giving you safe, clean water for better health. The nanofiltration process also utilizes a high flux rate, requiring fewer membranes for operation in your home, and also removes hard water minerals like magnesium and calcium, providing softer water.

See the Excalibur Articles Website for information on how Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis can remove harmful blue-green algae blooms (HABs) which are becoming a more common occurrence in lakes and rivers.

Download the Excalibur Whole Home Nanofiltration System brochure for more information.

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