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Commercial / Industrial Iron, Sulfur, and Manganese Filters

Excalibur commercial/industrial iron, sulfur & manganese filters are most often used to filter iron content from water. Still, these units work in such a way as to reduce the concentration of both manganese and sulfur in treated water.

Iron is present in some proportion in most groundwater sources and prevents other treatment components from operating properly. 

A common application for iron filters is preparing water for commercial boilers, where feedwater iron content should be less than 20ppb. At higher concentrations, iron can quickly falls out of solution and stick to surfaces causing scaling and fouling. It can also plug filters and plumbing and foul Reverse Osmosis membranes. When in contact with boiler tubes, it causes fouling that inhibits heat transfer and boiler efficiency. These systems also remove hydrogen sulfide, which has an objectionable odor and is highly corrosive, and other metals that can compromise plumbing and RO membranes.

Cooling Towers and post-process remediation systems are also sensitive to high levels of iron. Excalibur’s iron filters reduce the iron concentration to appropriate levels.

Our Iron, Sulfur & Manganese Filters are available in a wide range of flow rates.

Excalibur commercial iron, sulphur, manganese filter

1.0" Simplex & Duplex EWS Series Iron, Sulfur, & Manganese Filters

Commercial / Industrial filtration system that provides clean, clear water. Flow rates from 1-27 USGPM. For larger flow rates, please contact us.
  • Flow Rates up to 27 USGPM
  • Internal Electronic Flow Meter range 0.25-27 USGPM
  • Fully adjustable 6 cycle valve
  • Four methods to initiate regeneration: metered immediate, metered delayed, time clock delayed, or pressure differential
  • Duplex filters utilize MAV controls to provide regeneration
  • Iron, Hydrogen Sulfide and Manganese removal up to 10 ppm
  • Utilizing continuous chlorine injection or ozone injection

For more information on the full line of Excalibur Commercial & Industrial Iron, Sulfur, and Manganese Filters, please use our Information Request Form.

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