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Commercial / Industrial Turbidity Filters

Water turbidity (cloudy, hazy water) is tiny particles of water suspended in a colloidal solution. These particles may be undissolved inorganics (ash, for example) or organic material entering the water from the surface and not breaking down completely.

These particles are not necessarily the same size. While some larger particles will settle to the bottom if the water is undisturbed, smaller ones may settle very slowly or not at all. Instead, they are suspended and scattered throughout the water, absorbing light rays, which gives the water a cloudy appearance.

Excalibur Water Turbidity Filters remove all particulate matter from the water, down to particles 5 microns in diameter. 

Excalibur’s Turbidity Filters are available in a wide range of flow rates.

Excalibur commercial turbidity filter

1.0" Simplex & Duplex EWS Series Turbidity Filters

Chemical-free filtered, clean, clear water. Flow rates from 1 to 24 USGPM. For larger flow rates, please contact us.
  • Flow Rates up to 24 USGPM
  • Internal Electronic Flow Meter range 0.25-27 USGPM
  • Fully adjustable 6 cycle valve
  • Four methods to initiate regeneration: metered immediate, metered delayed, time clock delayed, or pressure differential
  • Duplex Chemical Removal Filters utilize MAV controls to provide regeneration
  • Removes small and large chemical molecules
  • Acid wash reduces ash content and arsenic
  • Chemical removal to 10 microns such as chlorine, chloramine, etc.

For more information on the full line of Excalibur Commercial & Industrial Turbidity Filters, please use our Information Request Form.

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