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Commercial / Industrial Cooling Tower Side Stream Filters

Cooling towers are excellent air scrubbers. High volumes of air pass through the tower subjecting components to airborne contaminants. Concentrated makeup water can also contribute to a build-up of contaminants on the cooling tower distribution and fill areas which eventually flake off and become suspended in the recirculating water. Even a marginal improvement in the efficiency of evaporative cooling equipment, heat exchangers, and chillers can offer owners significant savings over the lifespan of the cooling systems. Improving the water quality in the cooling loop is a simple, cost-effective method of realizing efficiency gains. 

Many contaminants cannot be seen by the visible eye. Collectively they can lead to system inefficiencies, increased microbiological growth, and excessive corrosion. Suspended solids result in water with high turbidity, which can foul heat exchange surfaces. These silt-like contaminants also end up in low flow areas such as the cooling tower basin. This provides a place for bacteria to attach and multiply, which results in a high potential for under deposit corrosion and microbiologically induced corrosion (MIC). Under high flow conditions, the suspended solids can also be abrasive and cause excessive wear of pump seals and valves and erosion of pipes.

Excalibur’s Cooling Tower Filters are set up to filter objects larger than either 1 micron or 5 microns in diameter.

Excalibur commercial cooling tower sidestream filter

EWS Series Simplex Cooling Tower Side Stream 1-Micron Filter Systems

Commercial / Industrial cooling tower sidestream filters that reduce turbidity and sediment down to 1 micron. Flow rates from 1 to 63 USGPM (5 micron systems have continuous flow rates up to 157 USGPM). For larger flow rates, please contact us.
  • Controller with built-in motor control package
  • Centrifugal pump with easy serviceability
  • Electronically controlled backwash and fast rinse regeneration cycles
  • Historical operating data
  • Accurate flow meter with totalizer
  • Separate source regeneration
  • Pressure gauge readings for regeneration: separate source, untreated source, pump discharge, and post filter
  • Blue powder-coated carbon steel frame 1” to 3” square tubing
  • Pressure relief valve to control maximum water pressure
  • 1-micron filtration
  • 40 psi pressure boost from cooling tower water supply or greater

For more information on the full line of Excalibur Commercial & Industrial Cooling Tower Side Stream Filters, please use our Information Request Form.

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